Hō`ole `ana Uku pohō (To-Pay-Damages Waiver)

You (the Guest(s) named on the Rental Agreement) are basically and legally responsible if the contents of the rental property are damaged or inventory is missing during your occupancy.

In the event that there is accidental damage to the Owner’s real or personal property during your time period of occupancy in one of our rental properties, RE/MAX Kaua`i vacation rental division will assume the liability and pay up to $1,000.00 on your behalf per rental, per the time period of your stay.

The Hō`ole `ana Uku pohō (To-Pay-Damages Waiver or TPDW) protects you from being charged to replace or repair damaged items that may accidentally occur during your stay.

Accepting Hō`ole `ana Uku pohō means that the Guest acknowledges and accepts a special arrangement with RE/MAX Kaua`i, in which it will not be the Guest’s kuleana (responsibility) for damages incurred, that are not ruled out as indicated in the Guest Agreement, for a minimal fee per rental, per Guest’s occupancy and which is no longer than 30 days.

Hō`ole `ana Uku pohō is NOT an insurance.

Hō`ole `ana Uku pohō covers damage to contents or missing inventory worth up to $1,000.00.

Guidelines of exclusions:

  1. Terms of the Guest Agreement have not been violated. Please review your signed Guest Agreement from RE/MAX Kaua`i.
  2. Theft of the rental property’s contents are not covered in this waiver. A police report must be filed immediately. You must also report the theft to RE/MAX Kaua`i asap.
  3. If the rental property becomes unusable due to any reason beyond the control of RE/MAX Kaua`i.
  4. Damages done in a deliberate act by the Guest or invitees of the Guest are not covered.
  5. Damages done by an act of nature, i.e . hurricane, tsunami, floods.
  6. Hō`ole `ana Uku pohō becomes null and void if the Guest fails to report the damage to RE/MAX Kaua`i in writing using the guest feedback forms provided in each rental, by the end of the Guest’s occupancy.
  7. If Guest has rented more than one property, RE/MAX Kaua`i will pay up to a total of $1,000.00 for accidental damages or accidental loss.
  8. RE/MAX Kaua`i will not cover for loss of use of the rental property.
  9. RE/MAX Kaua`i agrees to voluntarily be obligated for any and all accidental property damage or loss caused by the Guest or Guest invitees, and not to exceed value worth of $1,000.00 per rental property, per Guest’s occupancy.

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